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There is no better way of hearing about the quality of a school than hearing it from the students themselves. Sifu Alan Paterson and the Kung Fu Schools (Croydon) undertake many activities outside of the school including corporate event days, grading ceremonies for the younger students and high paced weekend classes for the more active and willing adult students.

Here are some comments from our pupils and customers.

“I have studied various martial arts for most of my adult life. Wing Chun is by far the most effective martial art I have studied. It is effective for all, regardless of size or strength, and it is a great form of fitness.

Being a full-time martial arts school dedicated to Wing Chun, Kung Fu Schools can provide the best in training, with excellent instructors. Training is at times intense, but always enjoyable. I have also benefited from attending seminars on self-defence, weapons training, and with Grand Masters Kernspecht and Sergio.

I would recommend Kung Fu Schools to anyone who has an interest in studying martial arts. In my opinion, the School, and the style of kung fu, Wing Chun, are the best available.”
Mr Smyth, adult student
“Sifu Alan,

Could you please recognise Aslak and others who did last night's Aladdin performance.

I think we can be all proud of them, and it is a great achievement being part of a big production with 'real' stars.

Thank you also on our family's behalf for giving the kids the opportunity.”
Maarit, mother
“I joined Kung Fu Schools after seeing the wonderful tuition my son was getting there. Since joining I have learned so much, and have had a very good time, with friendly instructors and a good atmosphere in the class. The classes are fun and very interesting. I really enjoy my time here.”
“I am on the Career Instructor Training programme, and since starting I have felt very welcome. All of the instructors are friendly and helpful, and set a vibrant environment.”
“I joined the Kung Fu Schools to earn to defend myself and to improve my fitness. I have only been here a few months and already I can see the difference. The staff and other students are friendly nd helpful, making it a great place to learn.”
J Foster
“I initially joined Kung Fu Schools as a means of finding something to do while on annual leave. I found the fellow students very friendly and the teachers very helpful. I did Taekwondo for a few years previously, which I did not find useful in practical self-defence situations. With Wing Chun, it covers both close and long distance situations, enabling you to think differently. Now, four months later, I am doing extra classes, and learning new things, which I find very enjoyable.”
S Daytes
“Before joining Kung Fu Schools Croydon just over a year ago, I had previously practiced various other martial arts for six years. I found Wing Chun pushes me in new directions I hadn't trained in before, and also to react in ways far more effective than I had learned before.

The club's staff are extremely friendly and very helpful when it comes to learning. The other pupils are a great crowd and generally there is a good atmosphere to lessons.

As well as adult sessions, I bring my six-year-old son to the children's sessions, which he really enjoys. It's great to have soothing we enjoy together.”
Simon Wilson