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Kids Wing Chun Classes

Would you like your child to have more  disciplineconfidence and focus, and to learn how to deal with bullies?

Learning a martial art is a great way to instill discipline and mental focus in a child. It can also build character and confidence, and most importantly, your child will have fun while they develop both physically and mentally!

What Your Child Will Learn

These are just a handful of improvements our delighted parents have noticed in their children:

  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Raised confidence and self-esteem
  • Better overall behavior
  • Higher grades and better school reports
  • Improved attitude and a more positive approach to challenges
  • Greater respect for others
  • Improved fitness, coordination and flexibility
  • Transferable leadership and teamwork skills
  • An overall sense of wellbeing
  • Awareness of anti-bullying strategies
  • Effective self-defence
  • A greater sense of responsibility, including a willingness to help around the house!

Our focus on the ancient teachings of Chinese kung fu – the cultivation of the mind and spirit as well as body – helps our students achieve more than just improved fitness. Our class structure forms a strong foundation of discipline and mutual respect, and we emphasise the importance of developing positive qualities inherent in true martial artists: modestycourtesyintegrityperseveranceself-control, and indomitable spirit.

We feel it is important that our students learn not just the ABC’s of self-defence, but also the ABC’s of life:  Attitude,Behaviour and Character. Learning these traits early will ensure your child develops into a mature, well-rounded and responsible individual.

Benefits of Wing Chun

With its emphasis on precision and body mechanics rather than brute strength, Wing Chun is an ideal martial art for children. Regular training will not only teach your child the basics of self-defence, it will also greatly improve their coordination and reflexes, thus enhancing their overall fitness and health.

“Sifu, just a quick thank you to your team - Jo, Nick and Charlie - for making William's party so good yesterday. All the children had a great time and the parents were impressed by the team's interaction with the children. Money very well spent for a great (and stressfree) party. Thank you!”
A relieved parent

Your child will not only learn how to deal with a bully, but the confidence they gain from progressing in the martial art will help them project a more assertive aura, thereby making them a less desirable target for bullies.

A Unique & Positive Teaching Approach

Any martial arts school can teach your child how to kick and punch, but our focus on the inner teachings of kung fu – the development of sound mind, body and spirit –ensures our classes provide so much more than just the skills required to cope with physical threats. We believe that the biggest challenge facing a child is not an external threat, like the local bully, but internal. Very often, a child’s own self-doubt, fear and lack of confidence could prevent him or her from achieving their full potential.

“My son started Kung Fu Schools Croydon a year ago now and he has really enjoyed the classes. The instructors are always positive and give lots of encouragement. His behavior at home has improved too, he seems to have more focus and can concentrate for longer. I too have started at school, taking part in two lessons per week, and have found it to be extremely beneficial from a fitness perspective, and learning the wing-chun and improving has become highly addictive. I had in the past taken part in other martial arts, but have found that the way wing-chun is taught by the instructors at Kung Fu Schools Croydon is simple yet effective. I have found the instructors and fellow students to be very friendly, and admire the way that the instructors have been taught by the organisation. I have recently added more classes to my weekly schedule and will continue taking part as it has brought many benefits to my life as a whole.”
Sarah Hegarty

At Kung Fu Schools, we work on a system of positive rewards. By acknowledging a child’s achievements and encouraging them to aim ever higher, we nurture their sense of self. Our students learn to recognise their own strengths and to have faith in their own abilities, thereby boosting their self-confidence and morale. We have seen painfully shy pupils progress dramatically, to the point of performing in public demonstrations in front of a crowd of hundreds of people!

Our upbeat and exciting lessons with our focus on having fun keep the students engaged and eager for more. With our traditional belt ranking system, students learn to set achievable goals, and to appreciate the importance of perseverance and hard work in the journey towards their black belt.

Apart from teaching real self-defence, our lessons instil in students important life lessons that will stay with them through their lives. They will learn courtesy and respect, patience and tolerance towards others. They will learn to have the willpower to say “no” to unhealthy peer pressure. Above all else, they will learn that they are capable of achieving anything, with firm self-belief and a can-do attitude.

“If you follow the noble path, anything is possible”
Master Shifu, Kung Fu Panda 2

Learning at the Kung Fu Schools

Our fulltime school is equipped with all the necessary facilities to deliver our comprehensive martial arts curriculum in a spacious and safe environment. All our instructors are trained to teach children, are fully CRB checked, and insured for added peace of mind.

We are located inside a business park in South Croydon, far from the hustle and bustle of busy main roads. With ample free parking spaces available, our accessibility means that our students come from all parts of south London and Surrey. Parents are welcome to watch the lessons from the sidelines, to see how exactly we engage, enthuse and drive the students.

We perform regular progress checks to ensure your child is learning and retaining what we teach them, and it is our aim to guide every one of our students to their coveted black belt.

Give Your Child the Best Possible Start in Life – Book Them a Free Trial Now

We fully understand the reservations a parent may have about sending their child to martial arts classes. This is why we offer each child 4 free lessons in a 30 day period, to see if they will enjoy our lesons, and to see if you are happy with the way we teach. Should you have any questions, we would be happy to hear from you!