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Here are some links to other Kung Fu Schools and also some books and videos you may find of interest.

Websites of interest

Books of interest

  • Roots and Branches of Wing Tsun by Prof. Leung Ting
  • Wing Tsun Kuen by Prof. Leung Ting
  • Streetwise by Peter Consterdine
  • Blitz Defence (Your Strategy Against Thugs) By Keith R Kernspecht
  • Dynamic Wing Tsun by Prof. Leung Ting
  • On Single Combat by Keith R Kernspecht
  • Wing Tsun Dummy Techniques as Demonstrated by Grandmaster Yip Man by Prof. Leung Ting
  • Siu Nim Tau, The Set, Theory, Main Points, Mottos and Applications by Prof. Leung Ting
  • Chum Kiu, The Intermediate Kung Fu SetBy Prof. Leung Ting
  • Biu Tze, The Thrusting Fingers set, The Advanced WingTsun Kung Fu Set

Videos of interest

  • Authentic Wing Tsun Kung Fu - The First and only chance you can witness Wing Tsun demonstrated by Yip Man the late Great Grandmaster.
  • WingTsun Highlights (The Best of EWTO in London)